Trustee Tony Staton

Tony Staton

Tony Staton

My name is Paul Anthony Staton, born February 23, 1968 to Elizabeth Staton & Frank Paul Johnson in Greensboro, NC.  My nickname is Tony. I have been married to my beautiful wife Felicia for 17 years and I have 2 daughters, Delaney 12 & Zoe 18.  I attended Grimsley High School and graduated in 1986.


As a youth I grew up living with my great grandmother, Ulma Sawyer, affectionately known as Mama  Staton.  She had me involved in many church activities at Shiloh Baptist Church. I was a Cub Scout, a Junior Deacon & I sang in the youth choir.  Upon my graduation from high school I attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I majored in Sociology but I have yet to obtain my undergraduate degree.  I am only 2 classes shy of a BS and I plan to finish my degree in the near future.


I have known Pastor Webb since I was a small kid.  His family has been like an extended family to my family for all these years.  I am one of the original members of Love Fellowship Believers since it was started.  In addition to being a member of the Advisory Ministry I also serve as treasurer and member of the finance ministry.


I have been employed at the Internal Revenue Service for the past 25 years.   I have held many positions but I have worked in the Appeals Division for the last 15 years.


I enjoy being a leader in my Church and I enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our services.  Our church is like a big family and I look forward to every Sunday to worship and praise with my family.  I invite you to our service where you will be greeted with a warm welcome and an awesome service.  I look forward to continuing serving the Lord and to bring as any people to Christ as possible.  In the future I would like to see my Church grow as a congregation both spiritually and in size.  It has really been a great experience to me and my immediately family to be a part of something special here at Love Fellowship Believers.